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environmentally friendly cleaning at home, for the car and boat, for industry and retail

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Our chemical free microfibre
cleaning products

Bathrooms & Kitchens A wide range of ALCLEAR environmentally-friendly products is available to help you keep your home clean and well cared for every day.

These products will reduce the time you spend cleaning and you will no longer need chemical agents, as they help to maintain the health of your family.

Skin Care Cosmetic and exfoliating mitts and make-up removal cloths.

Display Care Often used by doctors for high-tech equipment. Cleans without streaks. Also for iPads, glasses, cameras, visors and monitors.

Floor Care For all sorts of floors. Cleans fantastically and dries extremely quickly.

Vehicle Care Dry and polish your car and motorbike in one wipe. Generate a very high polish finish and give it a long lasting life/shine. A deep shine on the surface is what matters!

Windows & Glass Washing head and squeegee head and ultra-microfibre window cloths. They clean all smooth surfaces in an instant without streaks;


Become a Representative

We need representatives throughout Australia.

If you are already selling to hardware stores, service stations, pharmacies, beauty salons etc. we would very much like to hear from you.

If you are able to hold ALCLEAR Get Togethers at home we can tell you how to make extra income from selling our products.